Beautiful moments: wildlife photography

An image of two mice slugging it out over scraps of food on the London Underground has won a prestigious wildlife photography award from the UK capital’s Natural History Museum.

All of these photos are excellent! Such photographs are timeless because they capture the essence of a situation at the perfect moment, and preserve it.

Source: Photo of mice squabbling on subway platform wins prestigious photography award

Micro and Macro – Is there a difference ?

I have been meditating for a few years now and every now and then, I have this realization that I can expand to the entire size of the universe and contract myself to the size of an atom, just moving with my breath. It is a beautiful feeling but my words are inadequate to express them.

But when you look at two images side-by-side, representing the macro and micro universes and find similarities beyond comprehension, there is very little to express in words any more.

Oral surface of a young seastar (40x)

Oral surface of a young seastar (40x)

The neutron star in the "Cassiopeia A" supernova

The neutron star in the Cassiopeia A supernova

Just look and meditate on it. Enough said.


4D Cube

A very interesting, perspective invoking picture of a 4D cube. Well ironically, its name is still a Cube in 4D.

Here’s a 4-D visualization of the cube in a raytraced Povray version of the picture.

A 4D visualization of a cube[/caption]” />

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Premier League Photo of the Decade

The photo is from the Premier League web site Ten Seasons Awards section.

It is such a great illustration of the empathy (if not outright identification) of the sports fan with the athlete, all the more evident in English soccer because of the unique proximity of the stands to the fields.

Disbelief all round as Owen fails to score(11 September 1999 - Liverpool v Man Utd)

I think I recognize Fowler, Owen and Heskey for Liverpool. After some search, i think the keeper is Massimo Taibi in his brief, who had a troubled cameo as Manchester United goalie.

How ironic would it be if he ended up in the photo of the decade …


The India i’ve seen

This is a complete marking of all the states that i’ve visited in India till date. I wish there were no white states and that i had covered them all and seen them all. But crap. No time. Anyway here goes..

States visited in India

Check out this cool site to generate a map of your own !

A la bean !

At Chicago Downtown. Me, Rajesh and Vishali.


Reflected Reflections !

Reflected reflections

Reflected reflections

Chicago Downtown

The New Year Party !