A layman’s overview of building a nuke plant

Found a very neat video, nice and simple that explains about the basic science of a nuclear power plant, requirements of building one and advantages over traditional energy sources. Definitely recommended for those scared of the neutron and perhaps an eye-opener to the potential for cleaner energy of the future !

How to build a nuclear power plant – video.

Music, a path to salvation

Cutting through the morose of every day life, without the beauty of art or music, Life would bear very less excitement. No matter how many crutches we might use, it still cannot elate as a beautiful piece of music could. You have your favorites. And it differs from person to person. I have many but still always come back to Devasabhathalam. It is beautiful in its tempo, tune, lyrics and mood. It elates. It brings one up even when depressed. It fulfills when Life seems empty. It provides meaning.

You might not feel the same. But I could care very less. Maybe the Eminem song released yesterday might titillate you in a similar way. And that is precisely the point. If I were to die today, I will like to hear the last 3 minutes of this song in my head before I pass away peacefully. And that defines greatness in music.

The Soccer Project

A beautiful video, showing how one game transcends borders, race, culture and religion. Every now and then, I end up arguing with someone on how this is true and why say American ‘Football’ or Baseball and even Cricket is not quite as prolific as Football. The reason probably is that all you need is one cheap ball and some people to start playing. Believe me, even good footwear isn’t quite a staunch requirement. Anyway, here’s the video.

The Soccer Project.

Thanks to Brian for the link.

Steel Life

Stunning visualization with a very serene background music, presenting an abstract video, depicting fluidity of solids, fractal imagery in nature, patterns in chaos and the twin similarity of the micro/macro worlds. I have rambled enough. Now watch.

Steel Life by Mathieu Gérard.

Original link via Fubiz.

Sita Sings the Blues

If you haven’t heard about this, then take some time to watch `Sita Sings the Blues`. It is an animated feature film, written and directed by Nina Paley. After watching a few scenes, you will notice that it has primarily been done with just 2D CG effects only.

Of course, if you do not understand the background, it is based on an Indian epic `Ramayana`. The epic is the story of Rama, an Avatar to symbolize the perfect human, the perfect son, the perfect brother, the perfect king and follows his struggles with ethics and societal morals to do everything right. His wife Sita is another symbolism for the perfect wife who abides by her husband’s word and loves him immaterial of the inflictions and abuse she undergoes as a result of Rama’s pledge to uphold virtue. In simpler words, she is the epitome of womanliness emphasized throughout ancient Indian literature.

The movie though is based on this tale, is focused on the jazz music of Annette Hanshaw. And it has also been released under the Creative Commons share-alike license.

For those Indians who take offense to the depictions of Sita as a busty, gloomy woman, please relax and enjoy the animation and retelling of the epic tale with a different twist. Now grab some snacks, go to the site and enjoy.

Watch “Sita Sings the Blues” on Reel 13.

1) Official site
2) Wikipedia article

Kiwi. Fly. Fly high

I saw this video just now and felt like writing something …

What would you sacrifice to reach that zenith ?
Against imposed rules by dumb fools,
Even with all the worlds tools.

Is there blazing joy at the end of the journey ?
Who sees what the future holds ?
Maybe no one i really know.

Still yielding to that one aspiration,
That could change a life’s meaning,
I tumble and toil to make my final flight.

Kiwi. Fly high, with wings wide,
In few months or years, I shall be by your side;
In eternal bliss of conquering the beyond.