The human mind perceives everything in numbers, everything measurable so that it can evaluate and analyze deep about it. In effect, the mental facade which the mind draws over itself blinds it from seeing the obvious truth and correcting the mind that ‘one’ is universal and nothing else.

Starting from a ‘day’, everything has its perfect opposite and the whole action(reaction) can be explained using the set of opposites. The realisation doesn’t occur that day is day because there is presence of sunlight and that night is a fictional word to call the state of absence of sunlight ! Well can’t all opposites be simplified in those terms to yield simpler derivatives ? Of course, Yes.

Perceiving and understanding this is tough for the mind, confusing, it creates unnecessary chaos because it does not realise that it had just created an absence of silence to think clear, not realising that silence can be more blissful for the mind to arrive at a conclusion, not realising that the silence can break the mind if left uncontrolled, not realising that silence can speak much louder than words.

Every entity perceivable is dependent on some other entity at the end ! Well if everything is dependent on everything else then who or what is constant ? There is not an answer for which the mind can pursue years to find but it will take forever. The logical derivation is that there is someone constant, the source of all entities, the ‘Prajapati’ and the final destination to all entities to which everything circles down to.

The supreme existence is very well evident for the mind to perceive but eludes without reason until it is forced to be in unison with the inner remniscence of the source, the destination, the truth, the everything and the one everlasting thing which has always, and will ever be present.


As usual when i was pondering about something abstract, one fine point about the nature of mortals struck me. Now what is the body and what is the mind ? A simple yet very complex question to answer, it had been eating away my brains for a long time. What i arrived at was that the body encapsulates or in other words it is the container for the crux that it contains i.e., the mind. Well that explains why the mind cannot exist on its own without the body and why the body nature is dependent on the mind.

Something else very obvious became a fact right then ! Wondering about why i was not able to push my body as much i could with my mind, the truth, the obvious one that had eluded the grasps of this mortal mind became clear. Containers are never flexible ! Well isn’t it true that the container is always the same but it is how much the container carries which makes the difference in every persona ?

Containers aren’t flexible like the mind and only if the body were the independent entity could someone achieve whatever is aspired physically ! Unfortunately both the body and the mind’s strength don’t coexist ! or so it seems … I respect thee who has complete control over both these worlds, on the body and the spirit, on the self and the container. It is all about persona, the unification of all facades, the realisation of the truth by the body on what it is expected to do, the complete harmony and co-existence of the soul and its bag.

Am i referring to the yogi again ? I frankly don’t know what to infer. Why are such abstract concepts so abstract ? Why are such incomprehensible questions not obvious to the versatile mind ? What is missing here ? I am in search for this truth, trying relentlessly with hope and aspiration undying, given fuel by my purifier.

Oh thee supreme purifier,
Take me, and burn these facades,
Weld them together and gift me with a boon,
What penance do i need to take to call upon thee ?
Answer me master or this shall never ever be answered …


Personality, the very common word gets me scared because of its varied interpretation according to different perceptions. What is it ? I ask myself sometimes and each time arrive at a different conclusion totally disconnected to the previous paths. Well it seems more like an illusion of the true self to the ambience acting like a facade, covering the good, bad and the worst faces of oneself. It appeals to be the interaction medium to the outside world with the inner self controlling, liberating, exciting and giving many bodily perceivable emotions to the carrier of the self.

‘Know Thyself’ ; I’ve realised how tough that can be ! Trying to understand about oneself, unknowingly we get caught in one of the facades of the true persona which might depict filtered version of the core mental makeup. Well this is most often never realised and we mortals keep beleiving that probing on the facade has led them to the ultimate bliss. Then what is thy true self, you may ask ! I am searching for that answer too and i guess that the only way to do it is to combine your different layers of facades into one single facade which is absolutely transparent to reflect one’s true self. hmm. Well seems possible very theoretically but thinking about it havent the great Yogis achieved this and maintained their impact on the ambience consistent ? There is one beautiful axiom in physics that states that ‘All that is theoretical may not be practical, but if something is theoretical then it is definitely possible’. How true !

I sense that every entity’s core is made up of heat and the ways of liberating them are either anger or lust. It can be observed that the Yogis expel their heat in either one of these ways but are very stable with respect to all the other emotions. Cab everyone focus on attaining this ? Can the mind be trained to express every emotion as a combination of these two basic emotions ? Well that is what Yoga is all about isn’t ? Focussing and concentrating thy energy into the form desired by the heart.

Call me mad for saying all this and i dont care because you are cursing just another facade in my billion trillion facades. ( I am not a Yogi, Yet ! )

Shades of Lust

There is a madness in your heart, always trying to break free, influencing the weak mind’s thought process ever so steadily and gaining in to obstruct common sense, morality or any other social instincts imbibed into you. It shall corrupt, pollute and shall degrade your very existence if not controlled within the limits. Left freely it grows like a virus in a helpless host, gradually taking over the sanity left in the soul.

It dwells on the weakness of the human nature, the nature to satisfy hunger and to gain pleasure, the basic impulse that drives you crazy, on seeing the outward manifest of a variant, not very different from thyself. Lives have been spoilt, minds have been corrupted, outlook changed for the mere feel of flesh for a fraction of your existence. The wraith inside everyone sleeps but wakes up by even the slightest rush of adrenaline for want of flesh, grows into an undying monster, you feeding it with hopes now and then and it reciprocates by giving you misery, sheer misery. The frustration shall mount, torment you and will become the sole bane of your existence soon.

Does this all revolve around the single momentary joy of pleasure due to the release of ugliness from the soul bag ? It takes just a moment of sane thought to comprehend that the guilt of it shall linger in thy heart for aeons ! Such a thought in a weak mind could have made it stronger, not making it fall for a parasitic feeling, an ingrained human emotion aimed to destroy the peace of mind. A billionth of a second for the inner eye would have made it blatant that this is not necessary and will not compatible with the existing brahman in us.

Kill thy Lust and Live Free,
Dwell on thy Inner eye and Let Intuition take over.
Dont forget that you are just another leaf in the undying tree.