Innocence is bliss,
But isn’t that wretchedness too ?
Thy burden on this earth
What use is thee without knowledge ?

Fear the cold innocence.
What you fear, you don’t know;
What you know, thee fear not.
Knowledge enlightens thy darkness,
The light burns the innocence
The light refines and polishes thee.

To break the innocence, aspire on.
Ponder and clutter thy mind with thoughts.
The release, the opening of the door to knowledge
Shall dawn when thy fear burns out completely.

The count of knowledge exceeds the grasp.
Is there ever a release then from fear ?
Is there an alternate to reverse the curse ?
The thoughts coarse and intense strike
The heart excited and depressed pleads
Show me the ultimate path o thee.


Eye, the Eye that contains the I;
Eye, more powerful than fire.
Thy gaze more penetrating than the strongest force,
The path to truth, the realization of the eye.

The two eyes serene, concealing aspiration,
the third burns silently, watching thy tempation.
The eye, thy mind, what difference do they have ?
The lord of ashes conceals it all.
The sovereign observer never sleeps,
the blue throated consciousness, ever aware
of even the billionth of the heat dissipated

Burn thyself and feed the ultimate eye;
Oh thee who never closes thy eye,
Tell me that this place isn’t baked by the poison in me.
Give me strength to bear the sting
To prolong, to proceed and to rise, to meet thy eye.