Love and Hate

Like waves, high tides lashing continually,
the feeling keeps coming back again.
There exists not words to explain them,
abstract as they are, thoughts but realized.

What thee hold not, Love covers it ;
The desire of knowledge for omniscience stays
but in vain, blinded and short sighted,
Living in this shell trapped forever.

LOVE. A definition exists, not in words ;
The mental, physical and the metaphysical union,
striking pulses through flesh and nerve
seeming thy heart can hold more than earth doth offer.

HATE. Contrasting feelings, negations balance,
all that is loved is equally hated.
Rage and chemicals soar high with reactions
failing unknowingly to see the truth beneath as always !

This realization, the fork of the mind,
origins remain the same yet split to convolute ;
Innocence adds strength to the difference,
still the tangible truth ever clear stays bright.

If being in Love is to consume the mind,
with thoughts on thy precious
how Hate differs, torturing the mind,
with emotions negated on thy precious ?

Unseen truth remains, Hate is not illusion that covers
but that does not, over the mind, like grass in a meadow.
Love fills thoughts and Hate alike,
Is there an anomaly, i see nor know not yet.