Past, the treasure of knowledge
And future, no different than Past in reverse
Both speak the truth, the only truth
Yet the mind ignorant does not see.

Trace the past, at each previous step
A truth unfolds, a part of the big picture
Every step back, enlarges the view
But the panorama locked behind the blackhole.

If the origin was the blackhole
Where thoughts and Light escape not
Then if the biggest view is the abyss
What shines and what does not ?

The blankness, devoid of emotions
In sync with the blackness of origins
That which creates and kills
We only see what we will.


If the eyes are closed, does the mind shut down ?
Doesn’t darkness shroud with scary silence ?
Black yet not so black, figures waiting to emerge ;
Is lack of silence, silence still ?

What does the earth hold not,
to cringe the mind forever in innocence..
Till the last breath exhaled
desperation to gain knowledge, decreases not.

The war against thy inner mind.
Who is the foe, thee know not.
In the end, the foe stays silent,
long after ye has slept forever.

Miniscule pleasure leaping with the heart,
wouldn’t these blocks produce the august monstrosity ?
Answer eludes as always, loneliness remains,
silent in this prison, impatiently waiting for thee.