They want me to speak, not be moody
I am not moody, I retort but am stable
They dont understand, they insist
They comment on a man with dialogues …

What am i to reply to all that ?
Do i need to, is another question on the edge
All i can do is laugh at the faces
Not on theirs but on destiny’s and await what is to come.

Smile, laugh, joy and all that sustains
I try, persist and I shall succeed.
Nothing really matters on what opinion they contain
All that i need now is the will to proceed.


Dreams, aspirations what make thee
The life’s sole push that drives and moves
What all we want endlessly remains the key
The beauty, intricately woven shapes the path.

The dream, the vision of an unknown life
The subconscious instruction speaking uncontrolled
Burning the fire withing, incessantly without strife
The will burns, changing future of everyone felt betrayed.

As i speak, my dream changes me
Going with the flow i desired, willed
That which is everything shall move and satisfy thee
This hope shall not fade away even if i am now killed.

Soft Love

Clear and blank, thoughts come in one by one.
Truly alone, with me and my solitude
Feeling so complete with joy even when nothing is yet done
I now know, see, that which troubled with certitude.

The silent bullet in the heart
Burning ever so lightly, eating away the thought
The cause, my passion for an illusion
Led me astray with vagaries and delusion.

Software, computers, one of what i Love,
Maybe for all eternity i shall crave;
This Hole, Enterprise, Organisation will not save,
The motive i nurture to my grave…

The Difference

What is the difference at the end of the day
All this and that, existing here and there
It always seems so simple but lots more to say
Wrong it might be, unknowingly breaking boundaries I do not dare.

The difference between chaos and serenity
The difference between day and night
So clear, what i am searching for in absolute vicinity
The riddle complete containing the answer is still a fight.

The clue, the sphere and circle
The ultimate shape of matter’s least resistance
End reality, the beginning illusion is the cycle
All ye extremes do meet at infinity.

What is the difference between meditation and concentration ?
Only Fire that burns holds the key
With it, Heat concentrates and without ‘That’
Nothing burns anymore, for thee.