The Rhythm.

Ha. It feels absolutely beautiful, beyond words and measure
I flinch not now, to spit on all the illusions of the earth
For there exists not any surrogate pleasure
That can feed this Fire in the heart’s hearth !

All the wait, change, moulding intentions all along
Something lingered with the will to persist
Simple like a child’s words or a bird’s first song
I try not any more against the flow to resist.

With different faces for different people all day
Still not forgetting which mask fits whom
This work i do uncontended will now not stay
Ripping apart all facades and making more room.

Is this the absolute silence after the storm
In the wilderness, amidst chaos, the perfect pattern
As though emerging out and clings to the heart in absolute form
The never ending cycle, always revolves around the rhythm.


Searching and searching all these times
I finally know not what i want.
Beloved, my love, what are thou ?
Am i even searching for thee ? Not sure.
But incomplete feelings haunt at all times.

Beloved, art thou a woman I seek ?
Who shall answer the riddle of contradiction ?
Art thou my other half, the remaining hemisphere
Or is it just another myth that muddles the mind ?
Blank yet full, is it only part of the sphere ?

If thou art a woman, right for me
What am i seeking more from thy spirit ?
Is it again the lust, for i am a mortal
Or is it imperceptibly purer and truer than that ?
Question, questions. What answer will releive this spirit ?

If thou art a woman, the one for me
Whom i’ve seeked to unity, all eternity
Then art thou the missing serenity ?
In all forms, incomplete with a similar search
Art thou the only luminosity, I seek ?

But what is it that i desire ?
I found you, now what ? Then what ?
Is it the marriage, the physical bondage
Or is it a mutual emotional understanding
Or what else is there to desire ?

Like a friend says, I dont want more,
No more little nils, producing little nils,
producing little nils, and even more …
Enough misery here laid and no more to give
I desire not this trap anymore.

Beloved, crooked my vision might be
The incomplete half you are, that i dont see.
But may be the wretchedness is due to thy absence
I know not but patiently waiting for thee,
The wait, sweet and miserable for all eternity.


Joy, boundless, limitless and pure
Subtle as it is for which the heart leaps
The serene blanket falls, the mind so sure
This the only remedy, the memory which it keeps.

A call from far away, the destiny calls
So long the aspiration contained, on the brink
The heart filled with joy, rises and falls
The mind has forgotten now how to think.

All i wanted, aspired was to read
To destroy the innocence that corrodes the core
A symbol shown, ah someone did heed
Two years and more, the joy now fills my every pore.

Something stuck, from whence i do not know
Suddenly all i desired was nuclear
The smallest, imperceptible particles that do not show
All that has been haze is now clear.

Then what, the question arises
I cringe and cry in agony and grief
I have struggled long with this eternal crisis
With will strong enough, i shall proceed to its end.