That which stays.

In the abysmal depths where the mind pines ;
For the delight of knowledge without which it dies.
The unreachable truth, unhindered, incessantly shines
Amidst the plethora of impeccable lies.

Like the ocean that keeps springing
The energy intense diminishes not for anything.
The cold matter flows, vaporizes for drinking
And keeps coming back and stays unlike anything.

Like matter sensed, occupying its very space,
Unable to subtract blanks, the implicit math is born without harm.
Destruction and creation ; The divine twin guardion stays
And all that is gone, always keeps coming back in another form.


The land of colleges ! oh yeah ! loads of them !

Mathi came over to the bus stand and picked me up .. Took some rest and once everyone went off to office, decided to check out the government gliding center, a 2 hr trip near pune .. It was a nasty ride, not because of the road, but ‘coz i didnt understand their language ! Why does everyone have to speak in marathi for God’s sake ? Why why ? I speak in Hindi and they reply back in marathi … Freakin disgusting 🙁

Anyway, the placed was closed again and made the trip back to mathi’s place .. When everyone came back, we went over to Olan’s place, and then to a pub. This pub – Apache was fantastic. Lots of good music and beer ! Just what i needed after long travel 😉 I wish i was sloshed but i wasnt .. We roamed around some of the most happening places there, had some food at a dhaba and reached home around 3 AM or something. It was nice fun thinking about it now ! Old friends, food and a nice pub ! Perfect !

Anyway, next on the list was Bombay.. Caught a bus and went on ! The road was loaded with scenaries but was too tired to watch all of them .. forced myself to keep awake to peep out into the tunnels though 😉 Took some photos too but didnt come out quite well in the end .. hmm maybe photography is not one of my innate talents !

Panaji in Goa.

Without knowing what to do next, after Udipi, i was searching for a nice route to reach Bombay eventually. I missed out Goa completely till now and then suddenly i realize that this coastal trip has to cross the land of beaches ! Or thats what i remember people calling it !

So caught a bus from there, and went on a 12 hr trip to Goa. And at last reached there by around 9 in the morning. The place was buzzing with crowd, all sorts of it ! Found a place to stay near the beach and went out alone, walking along the roads nearby and caught some arbit bus and got the ticket for the last stop !

Saw all the ancient architectural buildings, got some photos, had some beer, food and moved on. Went to donapaula and got a kela ‘coz the paragliding wasn’t open during non-seasons … duh ! In the evening, went on a ferry ride but even here, there wasnt much happening .. felt a bit miserable being at this place all alone, with lots of things to do but with no company .. in frustration, went back to the room, had another beer and slept off peacefully for 12 hrs ..

The next day, roamed around few more beaches .. even drifted into some private ones too in the evening 😉 had some surprises, but all in all, a very uneventful stay here ..

Next stop – Pune !

Windows : File download issues.

Nothing specific as such but i was just curious on something that happened recently while downloading a huge file from a site.
Here goes …

Basically, i was downloading a video file of size 80MB when my system had something about 100MB left in the hard
disk. I felt it was fair enough to store the file for now, view the video and
then delete it to reclaim the disk space. 

But here comes the catch. When i finished downloading the huge file, the system had actually downloaded it to a temporary internet directory and then tried to copy it to the destination directory which was specified. Now why would it want to do that ??

Doing something like that would require 2 times the size of the file downloaded to be present in the hard disk. Why impart such a constraint ??? All it needs to do is to download it directly onto the destination directory. Or what could have been done is to download the file to the temporary directory and then move it, not copy to the destination directory. We know that copying a file takes much longer a time when compared to moving a file, if the destination is in the same disk. So why copy ?? But the actual implementation does neither ! Why so ?

Are there any specific security or any other implications for doing the implementation the way it has been done now ?? Any ideas ?

Him in Udipi

Mangalore with the beaches, the city with a innate fish smell is my past. I trekked on for about an hour to reach Udipi.

I had a darshan, a peaceful, undisturbed view, and with the image staying in the mind, left the place.

Nothing more. Nothing less. Just the right thing i needed for then!

A cry from Mangalore.

A cry yeah, but not in agony, but in absolute sheer Joy.

This place is freaking wonderful ! Its like on the border of Kerala and Karnataka but resembles mostly of Kerala while most people talk in Kannada. He he .. Cool isn’t ??

I’ve roamed around most of the streets here from the morning and not much to do anyway. Probably after lunch will go over to the beach and hang around there for sometime ! That’s the plan(??)..

From here, the most probable next stop would be Udipi. I thought may be go over there, have a nice, calm look at Him and continue on my journey to probably Goa or somewhere else, whatever bus i get first 😉

The buggers at Dell are still making a big fuss to give the relieving letter out. I’m getting sick, even thinking about it. Ugh. Well anyway not to spoil the fun i’m having here, i’m going to choose to forget about that for another 10 days.

Learnt from Arun at Surat that Jaisalmer is way too far off to cover in this short time. So probably will take him from Surat, and will ride on his bike to Ahmedabad, Udaipur city and then trek on alone to Jaipur !!! Yeah sounds wonderful though but i’ve got absolutely no clue on how i’m going to make it to surat by Sunday.

Well, where there is a Will, there is a Way. And so i move on …

Toure de India

The long awaited India Tour is finally happening !!!

Wahoo … I’m going to start the trip from here, Bangalore. Will be leaving from here to Mangalore, hopefully and roam around like a crazy haggard with nothing to lose and nothing in mind !

The plan is to roam around without a plan 😉

The route as of now is Bangalore->Mangalore->Pune->Bombay->Surat->Jaisalmer->Jaipur->Agra->Delhi…. The whole thing is still fragile and for all i know, i might stay in Goa for 10 days and come back but hey lets not get anymore ideas.

So for another 10 days, i’ll be completely busy. Its going to be great and i havent done something like this for a long time ! What cometh ahead, I shall face and enjoy 🙂