Another birthday passes ..

Time, the one factor on which i seem to have no control of, whatever measures i take to save it ! It just keeps flying past me without haste or without slowing down, smooth and steady, making this life of mine rough and remembrable ! yup ! me in one of those philosophical moods again …

Today is my birthday ! But alas, what points do i get for remembering it ?? All i have to do now is to finish off the 3 sets of homework that are still pending and need to be submitted in 9 hours… This work i chose, is the master now and i guess, whatever i was planning to do for my birthday will remain as a memory for now. There is still time but this is not the right one ..

Life has been really hectic .. Lots and lots of assignments and am learning stuff at a freakin exponential rate … That’s almost the exact inverse of the rate of radioactive decay you know 😉 Well, thinking about it, i probably need to cry today for becoming another year older ! All the parties, all the fun, all the coding, all the reading, all the music, all the friends and all the moments will never come back unless ! Unless i do succeed in that wildest dream of making a Time machine come true … Aha !

Crap … Really tired .. reading the stuff i just wrote, i should say that ‘It shows’ ! hmm anyway ‘Congrats to me !’