Night outs.

In my past 6 years, there is one thing i’ve done the most and very consistently ! No matter what the situation, no matter how trivial the occasion, no matter how important the reason, i always have found a way to do a ‘Night-out’. Somehow over the years, i’ve become kind of nocturnal and weird as it sounds, fallen in love with the gloom of the night.

Mornings are one thing i hate the most than anything else, i can imagine right now ! I hate and despise them beyond anything else… But nothing great than a beautiful afternoon to wake up into and then start the day pleasantly … With a strong dose of caffeine, after skipping breakfast and lunch, hoping to have something during the evening and eventually forgetting that, night so very quickly shrouds on you before you even know it ! Time, the one thing that heals and the one thing i seem to lack the most … hmm it does sound like some movie dialogue. But anyway, the point is that i have liked the moon better than the sun !

So as the night comes, as though the body clock has felt it, my senses become more acute and work better than before. Well it does seem like an over-exaggeration but i didnt realize that until today. This has to be one of the best night-outs ever ! Not for a reason like being drunk to the bone and laying flat, playing cards with good ol’ buddies but for a reason i had least suspected myself. I was writing this wretchedly complex piece of code to solve a 2-group diffusion equation, which is a tough one by the way, to finish in 24 hrs. In 12 straight hours during day, i had completed 1/4 of the code but then after the night chipped in, the fingers were typing all by themselves, a code so beautiful, modular and systematic which i couldnt have dreamed of even during a day’s sleep 😉

Well, there is also one previous record of mine that i broke today. My longest night-out ever ! This historic moment lasted for 33 1/2 hrs which i don’t think i’ll forget until i break it again ! Yeah i am weird to remember anything like this ! But that’s just me ! And at the end of it all, my code works perfectly its way through the complex equations, and churns out data, iteration after iteration, relentlessly amd gives accurate answers the way it is supposed to ! How wonderfully more satisfied can i get ?! Another record that i broke today is a row of 4 night-outs with a total of 14 hrs sleep this week ! Definitely, a tough one to break again …

To top it all off with cream and sugar, i debugged 3 other fellow student’s code in Fortran when i had no idea what the heck their logic was to begin with. Somehow, it seems that the coder in me thrives more than ever, contrary to what i had imagined. This is so freaking cool !

Yup. Me showing all the geeky qualities of a graduate student. But maybe its just the lack of sleep talking now. hmm .. i am so Goddamm burnt out 🙂 May 12th, where art thou ?


The elation with a relation

There is a new mail .. But it is time for class and almost over 2 in the afternoon. My stomach is churning out weird sounds to show its hunger and anger, and is probably eating away my flesh in full glory. But here is a new mail to take the mind off from the hunger.

Still in a dilemma whether to read it right away or to go to class, i decide to see the subject alone. And like a bloom on a stormy day, it was titled ‘A good news !’ from a cousin of mine. Awesome, i thought.

Clicked the mouse and waited for the page to load. Maybe i was too tired to think and so i just stared. Along came the page with just one line of message.

My sis is now a mother and i am an uncle to twin babies i might not see for another month.

Supremo fantastico ! In the silence, amidst the chaos, despite the distance, two new relations were created ! Life brought into being. Beautiful ! Long live my twin nephews …

Whatzup ?!

Last week was so close to becoming the ‘Worst week ever’ but did lose to the previous one after ending with a good note … All those tests, projects, labs, research, grading papers and homeworks are finally catching up on me.

And apart from it, American food just makes me puke. What kind of crap do they eat with all cheese and bland breads and meat. Well not like i did not taste it but after 3 continuous days of the same thing over and over again, there is nothing more you could hate than food ! Well may be i am being paranoid or it is just me but i remember never feeling that way about Gulti food back in those golden days … hmm thinking about it, i should taste some with beautiful Indian beer pretty soon .. In another 26 days to be more exact ! Less than a month ! Howzzat ?! Wahoo …Yup thatz right. I’ve got my tickets confirmed and should be hopping away to good old homeland for a month soon.. On the way, i’ve got a stop-over at Singapore. So may be i might get some great pictures there to remember and see what all the hype is about singapore 😉

And btw, my post about South padre trip is long overdue .. I even forgot what we did already but maybe the snaps might refresh my memories .. Will post them along soon ! Anyway, that’s how life is eating away my time, right now ! Enjoying it and loving it amidst this chaos … Gotta go now ! Adios amigos …


Weird Science 7

‘Levitation’ is a wonderful thing and who would have thought that this beautiful physical phenomena would have undergone lots many failures before it became a success. I have given a lot of thought about the Levitation process and made sense to me on why something would just bob up in air and stay that way as long as your forces cancel out. But i have to say that it is definitely one of the coolest toys you could get 🙂

Anyone with even a casual interest in physics has to be amazed. For more than 150 years, such levitation was “known” to be impossible. An 1842 paper by the Rev. Samuel Earnshaw in an English scientific journal had effectively proved mathematically that stationary levitation would never be achieved using only ordinary permanent magnets. “Earnshaw’s theorem” is stated in many college textbooks on electricity and magnetism. But this hasn’t stopped thousands of people (including yours truly) from spending countless futile hours trying to achieve such levitation anyway. (Earnshaw’s theorem does not deny the possibility of levitation using “diamagnetic” materials, superconductors or active electromagnetic circuits. The big surprise is the achievement of levitation using just ordinary permanent magnets.)

Here’s a picture which i presume is a levitating, rotating globe in mid air !

Read more at the site about how the patent for it became a failure just because the inventor did not have enough money to advertise his invention. No one even seems to be bothered that he found a way to defy a proven theory in existence for well over 150 years. The article also goes on to talk about how someone with a better marketing idea just shamelessly stole the invention to make profit ! Well maybe all is fair in business …

Here’s the official website that sells Levitron, the amazing anti-gravity top that rotates in air ! There is a video on the site which is cool too … Check’em out. Now if only i can find something about the magnetic levitation principle on which those japanese super-fast trains work, i could become another enthused levitron physicist !

This is a great night

This is fanstastic ! I am just drunk and am watching ‘That 70’s show’ and laughing my guts out … Apart from the fact that I have bulk loads of work to do, the show now reminds me of the so many good times I had with the boys back in college and in Blore. Those days ! I miss’em…

But anyhow, here I am, with a beautiful self made Rasam dinner and chips and beer in front of TV and computer about to play some games on a XBOX with some friends .. Life seems so perfect but maybe it is just the higher mind in me talking 😉 No special reason but just felt that I had to remember this day ! When i become sane again tomorrow, I’ll start cribbing as usual … So me checking out ! Ensoy.


Weird Science 6

A very nice trick. But i have no clue where i got this from though. Will post the link if i find it ! It is Wicked 😉

Get Instantly Arrested

No, don’t read this! You’ll be tempted to try it and end up in jail. Back in 1982 I was using some adhesive “window burglar alarm tape”, the metal stuff you burnish onto glass to detect breakage, and realized that it’s made of lead. With just this lead foil and a razor blade, I could make some lead-on-paper messages, put them in my carry-on luggage, and send a secret message which is visible only to the X-ray operator at the airport security station! Are those x-ray systems live-video or freeze-frame? Maybe I could even make a motorized animated sign, a little lead-foil creature who waves at the x-ray operator. And some modern x-ray units detect absorbtion spectra, displaying it in various colors, so materials such as silver-leaf from art supply stores will show up on their video display. Hey, rather than using lead foil, I could use lead oxide white pigment or “litharge”, the old fashioned lead paint. Make some silver chloride paint that shows up in color on the x-ray display. Use white paint on white paper and it would show up on x-ray, but to the eye be visible only as white paper. Print a litharge-ink silk-screen image of the x-ray photo of a human hand or head and stick it in your luggage. Will you be arrested for smuggling invisible body parts?