My second sem results are out. Definitely thought i would do well but never expected, you know what, ‘A perfect score’. I got a freakin 4.0/4.0 ! I dont care if you dont believe it, ‘coz the truth is that i dont believe it either 😉 But thats what my record says and i dont want to go against it !

Awesome. Only one thing left to do now … Find a reason and a company to get drunk .. but where am i ? In cbe. Shucks… No company but gotta wait till next weekend to freak out at blore !

Boys ! Here i come .. be ready to get wasted !


Material bondage beyond water and food
That moves and drives so many minds ;
Blinded by the illusion of feeling good
Leads astray the path, from what matters the most.

Is it just me ? Or is money just worthless.
As worthful as printed, unusable paper ;
No more, no less.
How then does it yield such power beyond ?

This inconsiderate spending of gained possessions,
Without second thought, for good or for bad ;
No regrets whatsoever on lost paper
It still keeps coming back to fill the purse.

Why then does the paper miss the purse of the needy ?
What good have i done to deserve this attention ?
Cannot think of a logical answer as always but
Just seems as though the dough fills up.
When you don’t crave for it.

Am i then talking all this because i never needed it ?
I was never in shortage, or never in pain,
Without food or drink like the needy, It well might be ;
But i wouldn’t have been any different, I am sure.

Praise the lakshmi, and do not work for her.
She has a knack of finding the right time,
And the right place to fill your need.
After all, nothing remains to take back when you are dead.


Fun or torture ?

What am i talking about ? Well actually everything till now after leaving the US.

First, the trip lasted for a whopping 30 hours, with barely any sleep. This was after some gruelling 4 continous nightouts before the trip. Well doesnt sound like fun to me …

The stay at moosh’s place after landing at Bangalore. Well was fun meeting all the old boys after a long time .. Johnnie Walker played his tune, and soared everyone’s spirits .. Definitely more fun. But wait, at the end of the day, well night actually, just before the trip to coimbatore, the feeling was miserable. The climate was hot and humid, and i was probably running a fever but well that sole thought of seeing family drove me home and managed a ride on a shitty airplane. Almost weirdly, and masochistically fun.

Meeting the whole crowd back here .. Definitely pure joy !

The jet lag, the prize i paid, was sheer torture. The more i tried to stay awake, the lesser i did. As though the never experienced hangover of spirits tried to take a different form throughout the body and make it cringe with pain, the whole body crumbled. Ugh. I really hated this part.

A trip to Calicut on a unreserved train, standing for 2 hrs with a bad feeling in the leg and sweat engrossed t-shirt. Pathetic.

Meeting Mom. Awesome.

The function at Calicut and all the folks i met, felt good.

The aftermath, serious talks, responsibility issues, and lots more. No idea what to classify that as. Lots more to think about now and to tax this worked out brain even more.

Another pathetic return journey on Bus from Calicut. Couldn’t have screwed my back any worse !

Right now, with a serious decision to make, with a pain in the back, this is scary. I am having orgasms due to the pressure but am freaking out because of the consequences. ( This is not for you readers … Cryptic i may be, obvious it might seem, it still does not mean anything to you but just me … maybe will explain it later when i’ve made that certain decision.)

Anyway for now, can’t wait for the trip to blore. I probably want to forget about some things and re-live the old feeling ! As of always, the days shall pass, and i will wait. Adios.

My trip, finally !

Here i am, less than 24 hours away from a trip to India after a hard, insane and cruel week of work. Yeah the usual cribs but somehow i always knew that this thursday is going to dawn soon and so gritted my teeth and bore the brunt of the tests, labs in hope of feeling this sweetness of freedom.
Yup. I leave to India tomorrow and all my exams are over. Did pretty well in all of them except for Math. It is kind of ironic when i think about it because i always thought that i was strong in calculus, which i actually am, but invariably i manage to screw up my answers in the test. Well anyway, i still do hope for an A there. I should know the results by 20th May and no matter what, i shall be happy !
Alright amigos ! On saturday i land in India and am gonna have a blast. So if you read this, and if you know me, and if you are in India, expect to see me soon … Wish me a good journey. Me excited and out …

Finals, India trip and my research.

Ah another time out between tough schedules. My finals have started and thing this week has been badly screwed up but since i’ve got so very used to this non-sleepable-nights-only-workable time schedule, it has not been a bad problem.

I finally got my application for MS degree and the degree plan done. The highlight about the degree plan was the meeting with a math professor who is part of my graduate committee who has all the right to screw me inside out before i present my thesis. I had to make a presentation about the mathematics involved in my project before i can get a sign off on the degree plan. This part was fun ! I never thought i knew so much about what i was doing … And to my own surprise, i did really well 🙂
The test today on Thermal Hydraulics was awesome. My first open book test ever and apart from being hard, i sure as hell cracked it. Should definitely get an A on this one … We will see about it though …
Life is badly hectic but still monotonous and fast … Cant wait till next wednesday when all my finals will be done and my last extra credit lab report has been turned in and i finally start packing my stuff to the month long trip to India !!! Whoa ! Really can’t wait …
I never realized that i was so excited about going back to India. I even had a couple of dreams of driving an airplane, which i might interpret if i was a Freudian follower as an increased wish to go to India. Bloody awesome …
My research is going on perfectly as planned ! The highlight of the whole year definitely had to be something that my prof told me as a passing remark ! He told me that i was fit enough to teach a PhD level course with my knowledge in the project because i was so fast catching up with everything he was throwing at me … Long time since i had got a beautiful, appreciative remark like that ! Not getting my hopes high but my confidence levels are definitely above the clouds about clearing the PhD qualifier this September …
Alright, that rant has made my fingers tired … Coffee de Arabica. Where are thou ? Get me electric ! And sweet Wednesday, here i come !

Random thoughts

Reality and fantasy, differs by just a thin line
But it is all in the mind that believes both to be real
Above doubts, race of thoughts do decline
Until there are none, and drifts back into the surreal.

Where goeth the path of the motivated ?
Where does the truth lead the broken mind ?
All good and evil concealed in this single head
Illusions and reality do not seem any different.

Am i to find the perfect action among all the others ?
Aren’t all actions equally righteous ?
When the enlightment occurs during meditation,
The flash purifies and gives light to the self within.

How many things i have wished, and wanted
If the will is strong enough, it does not wane
Nor give up the desire to do the unlimited
If and only if the mind is still sane.
All Tsunamis do seem miniscule compared to this will !