Zen amidst monotony

Without going out the door, know the world ;
Without peering out the window, see the Heavenly Tao.
The further one goes,
The less one knows.
Therefore the sage
Knows without going,
Names without seeing,
Achieves without striving.

I really loved it. It somehow connects to somewhere inside me, past the words, past touch. I have been trying to find out the original source for quite sometime but in vain.


My DeL.IciO.Us

I do not know how many of you have heard of the social bookmarking and tagging site – DeL.IciO.Us. It is a great way to share links and you can tag each link under different categories. Some of the links that i have posted recently on LinkoMania posts are from here.

Enough introduction. I have added a new section on my sidebar called My DeL.IciO.Us. It shows the list of my recent bookmarks in DeL.IciO.Us. So look into my sidebar every time you visit my site for some great new links or you can subscribe to the exclusive RSS feed of my links here.

No more LinkoMania posts on my blog.

Tragedy of life

Wasting away energy on ghostly dreams,
Missing the beauty of the moment ;
The fragile mirror that is bound to be broken,
The tragedy, not realizing this truth.

Arise. Live beyond dreams and bondage.
Let every moment be the perfect time,
For the end of life to enlighten the mind.

Oh thee, my light, my spirit. Rest in peace.


T-15 days

Exactly 15 more days left. I am feeling my guts churning out weird sounds and in queer ways. I am really scared about my qualifier exam. I guess, i am scared and excited, both at the same time. I don’t remember the last time i was this anxious to write an exam. Definitely not in REC or any of the other sem exams here. hmm. Maybe the IIT qualifiers after high school did come close. Anyway, this one is going to be different, i am sure and can’t wait to hit it head on.

Now officially, This is WAR.

Reflection of Lasers

I have stumbled upon one of the most addictive and beautiful game I have ever laid my eyes on. It is beautiful because the simple laws of reflection of light have been so slickly introduced and designed into a simple, rule based game. And it is addictive because it does prove that I can still make this soft mind think and in-effect pushes me to play even more. There is nothing fancy about the game and probably that is also why it stands out. Kudos to the creator !

Here is a small screenshot of the game which has got me tied to the computer more so during my breaks.


And finally, here is the link. If you are sitting there, idly, reading my post right now, click on and play like a maniac.

My current record is Level 16. I am sure i am gonna break it soon, probably in my next break 😉 in about 2 hours. Adios.


Premier League Photo of the Decade

The photo is from the Premier League web site Ten Seasons Awards section.

It is such a great illustration of the empathy (if not outright identification) of the sports fan with the athlete, all the more evident in English soccer because of the unique proximity of the stands to the fields.

Disbelief all round as Owen fails to score(11 September 1999 - Liverpool v Man Utd)

I think I recognize Fowler, Owen and Heskey for Liverpool. After some search, i think the keeper is Massimo Taibi in his brief, who had a troubled cameo as Manchester United goalie.

How ironic would it be if he ended up in the photo of the decade …


India to produce 40,000 MW nuclear power in 10 yrs

I read this just now on the online edition of Deccan Herald. Below is the whole detailed article (just in case if they remove the article).

India to produce 40,000 MW nuclear power in 10 yrs

Terming India’s nuclear energy agreement with the United States as a major success, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today said the country could generate 40,000 MW nuclear power in the next ten years following removal of constraints in the atomic energy programme.

“In my visit to the United States, we have managed to reduce some of the constraints which have been hampering the growth of our nuclear energy programme and in the next 10 years, in addition to the 1,50,000 MW of capacity being added in the thermal and hydro sectors, another 40,000 MW could be generated through nuclear energy,” he said.

The Prime Minister was speaking after unfurling the national flag at the Red Fort on the Independence Day here.

While stressing the importance of improving and creating more infrastructure for the country’s economic development, Dr Singh said shortage of electricity was a major inconvenience and there was need to ensure rapid power generaton.

Apart from the ambitious plan to boost power generation, the government has also drawn up an elaborate plan to modernise Railways, “so that our Railways become one of the best in the world,” he said.

Mr Singh said a dedicated freight corridor was being developed between Delhi-Kolkata and Delhi-Mumbai with an investment of over Rs 25,000 crore. Besides, the development of the national highways was progressing at a rapid pace. The work on an additional 30,000 km of highways has begun and soon six-laning of the Golden Quadrilateral will start, said the Prime Minister.

There has also been tremendous progress in civil aviation, and world class airports were being constructed in many cities. Besides ports are being modernised and many new ones are under construction, he said.

The Prime Minister stressed the need for balanced regional development while creating more infrstructure.

“In this new phase of development, we are acutely aware that all regions of the country should develop at the same pace. It is unacceptable for us to see any region of the country left behind other regions in this quest for development,” he said, adding that “we will also focus on the development of our border areas. We will ensure that these regions are provided basic infrastructure such as roads, electricity and telephone connectivity in the next three to four years.”

— My 2 cents on the article. This is great news owing to the fact that India is becoming better and more modernized in many of the aspects that i had a grudge on !

For example, after seeing the roads over here in US, i had always wished that such roads and road-sense were common place in India. Now, the Golden Quadrilateral seems to be one step in that direction. The next step would be to enforce strict laws with speed limits, better road signs and to educate people about driving more responsibly. Probably stricter rules with get us there but it might take quite some time to enforce with all the corruption that goes on. Also, the improvement of the infrastructure in the coastal regions is a good move after all the damage that the recent Tsunami and the floods have caused. We need to be better prepared to face such brutalities of nature because she ain’t getting softer and we are still slowly killing it, as i write.

Lastly, as the title states, the most critical and important information in the article is the improvement in the energy production. I did read that the Dr. Manmohan Singh’s talks with President Bush did go on well but was not entirely sure about the results. It is clearer from the article that US will be supporting India further in terms of technology and to help build more reactors to support the country’s energy needs. Personally, i couldn’t be more happier ! More the reactors, better the oppurtunities for research and more available jobs. Yeah i know. I am a self centered selfish bastard 😉

A funny video – Reporting Marijuana burn !

A friend of mine just forwarded me this really funny video. It is about a reporter who is trying to do his job standing amidst the mass burning of a load of marijuana that was captured.

He does try his best to say the words right but surely the passive smoking has hit his heights 😉 Nice one. Watch it …

LinkoMania 103

Another normal day, another wasted life. Before i start pouring out any more philosophical thoughts, here are some interesting links for today…

  • Dr. Feynman’s Doodles” – How one scientist’s simple sketches transformed physics – A very nice article about some of the contributions of Dr. Feynmann. He was one of the most revolutionary physicist of the century. It is commonly said that “Feynmann is to second quarter as Einstein was to the first quarter”. I also recently read his autobiography, which is not all physics but includes incidents from his life that are very interesting. Will quote some of them sometime soon.
  • Earth may be reaching capacity on ability to absorb carbon – Oh crap. Isn’t it already late in our venture to save the earth ? Please avoid using Fossil fuels as much as possible. Well the oil prices have been fluctuating a lot recently, thanks to Saudi’s King but the only language that politicians will understand is when oil prices increase beyond any affordable consumption. Can’t wait to see what happens then … Maybe we will build more nuclear reactors 🙂
  • The Future of Physics – From a theoretical physicist’s point of view, some of the important topics of research that might gain more interest in the future …
  • Einstein and the Bomb – Hiroshima the Hidden Story – A semi-political historic view of the events during WWII that triggered physicists and politicians to look at the construction of an Atomic bomb – It is from a paper Dr. F.H. Knelman presented at an international Einstein conference.
  • ‘The Matrix’ vs. Reality – Written by Dr. Michio Kaku and Sarah Lane. Eventhough Matrix was a sci-fi, Dr. Kaku analyzes the accuracy of physics and logic behind the movie. It is kind of an interesting read though i might not take the arguments too seriously. I love the movie and is probably one of the best sci-fi’s i have ever seen. Way to go Wachowski !

Alrighty. That’s it for now. Will be back later …

Pain Comics

No idea how i got hold of this link but these comics are really good and funny. Here is one that started me to read more from the site.

Check out “Science Vs Norse Mythology“. Here is a preview …

They also have some good links to other comics sites. Enjoy !