Life – An update

The past month and a half have just breezed through without any interesting events. I have been working a lot on my research and today, managed to complete my code although still amateurish in its effort. There is still a lot more to do but i should get to it after my thesis defense in March.

Now, i am proud to announce that i have successfully completed a 0-D and 1-D coupled kinetics/hydraulics code with feedback, a code i started writing from scratch, almost 6 months back and is now a breathing, living monster of more than 9000 lines. Can’t say how beautiful this feels 🙂

Another update is that i have been working on my site – The Chaotic Neutron where i plan to post a lot more than just the rants and links that i usually post here. The site is still under construction and hopefully will get it working on all aspects very soon. So, keep visiting my site from now on and i assure you that you will learn something every visit !

That’s about it for now. Got to get back to writing my thesis and finishing it before March 7. That’s my deadline after which my advisory committee would certify me to be a qualified master’s graduate 🙂