That weird feeling of nearing the end,
Where anger and passion shall transcend,
In heaven’s depth and hell’s doors
I shall ascend in glory evermore.

Surely never been devoid of wealth,
Self stricken and destroyed one’s own health,
The feelings one loves, of buzz and booze,
Where will these high hopes be buried to be exhumed.

Another feeling, craziness tantalizing
Deliberate destruction in pain of losing one’s own.
Here I am right now but where am I really ?

I probably evolved from Cockroach

I am not sure if I should be happy or sad about this recent finding. Apparently, Cockroaches are quite intelligent during the night while are quite retarded during the early hours of the day. Well, the article reminds me of someone I know. ME !

Yes. I would like to think that I am probably one of those weird offsprings in the evolution of nature, adapted to live quite contended during the night while needing adequate amounts of caffeine to keep myself awake during the day. And hence, productivity suffers as a function of my clock.

Sadly, most people around me are quite happy working during the day, causing me great distress. If only everyone didn’t evolve individually, they’d all be just like me, loving their wonderful nocturnal life. But then, where will the vagary in nature come from 😉