Avatar – A visual treat

Saw Avatar today and was blown away by the cinematography and special effects. The story itself was almost predictable yet very distinct from the usual junk I’ve seen recently. Although it does remind one of ‘Dancing with the wolves’, the Avatar takes it to a whole new extent, a realm beyond mere physical restrictions, to capture the harmony of every life on a planet, a symbiosis, a reminder of what this Universe might be. String theorists and philosophers alike are trying to find the link that connects us all, human and plants, living and extinct, visible and the intangible. And here, another stark reminder that we are probably probing in the wrong dimensions.

Anyway, this is definitely the best movie I’ve seen this year… Wait, when did the ‘Dark Knight’ premiere ? I guarantee that it is bound to get couple of academy awards and will revolutionize many a movie to come.

I have to watch it again, may be in IMAX 3D now to catch the subtleties I missed the last time.


Just taking a walk on a beautiful morning,
Watching fall colours waving in a dance,
Blending with rustling symphony of leaves,
Breaking the trance, cool, serene, gusts wafting
A remote breakfast, delicious flavor, stimulating
Higher senses without effort.

Another day, mundane incident.
Beauty immeasurable. Senses fulfilled.
A life enriched.

When will we change ?

This is a pure rant and thoughts that came across based on a mundane incident.

Today I met a guy at a grocery store and passed “hello” casually while buying the milk I had in my hand. I noticed the guy talking to his friend on his phone and realized he was talking Bengali. Even if he looked a little middle-eastern/Indian, I wasn’t sure initially about his origin but after hearing him speak, it was clear that he was from India. And so while I was paying my bill, I casually asked the guy if he was from Bengal and saw a grin in his face. His answer was “Are you from India ?” and so I happily said “Tamilnadu”. He replied again “I’m from Bangladesh” with a serious stare, without blinking, his grin vanishing and still cold. All I could muster was “OK” and walked away. Looking back, an incidental encounter like that should not affect me but it was still disturbing.

Why ? I ponder. Did he have to break off the conversation because I was from India ? May be he suffered in the hands of some random Indians, amongst the billion of us. Or he just hates Indians. And more specifically south Indians. Either way, I do not care. But it pains me to think how all of us, humans in general, hate each other so much and create segregations based on race, religion, land, ethnicity, faith and even ideas that we often forget the beauty of the divine unity.

Sometimes I think, the only way to bring people together is to create this all powerful ‘Alien’, a devil, that oppresses every human, immaterial of the origin or belief, all the same. Then, the hatred can be channeled on this one source and unite us as the earth race. And that is the first step to reaching universal singularity. I hope that will happen eventually because this attitude we carry is self destructive and cannot last long and will not let us live in peace. It is probably the nature of our species and a higher evolution might change the perspective. Or so I hope.

I diverged from couple of steps to light years on this post but my thoughts, hopefully come across clear. May be it is time for me to get a smart phone to type this up as when I get the thoughts rather than remembering what I came across couple of hours before.


Being hungry a minute and devoid of it the next,
The sated feeling fills body and mind;
If only food and everything else tasted heavenly
Like this, every moment, beyond deliverance.

One thought opposes, another cheers on,
In difference, another sense of satisfaction.
All transient pleasures short lived in eternal time,
May be only the final sleep will quench this thirst.