Panaji in Goa.

Without knowing what to do next, after Udipi, i was searching for a nice route to reach Bombay eventually. I missed out Goa completely till now and then suddenly i realize that this coastal trip has to cross the land of beaches ! Or thats what i remember people calling it !

So caught a bus from there, and went on a 12 hr trip to Goa. And at last reached there by around 9 in the morning. The place was buzzing with crowd, all sorts of it ! Found a place to stay near the beach and went out alone, walking along the roads nearby and caught some arbit bus and got the ticket for the last stop !

Saw all the ancient architectural buildings, got some photos, had some beer, food and moved on. Went to donapaula and got a kela ‘coz the paragliding wasn’t open during non-seasons … duh ! In the evening, went on a ferry ride but even here, there wasnt much happening .. felt a bit miserable being at this place all alone, with lots of things to do but with no company .. in frustration, went back to the room, had another beer and slept off peacefully for 12 hrs ..

The next day, roamed around few more beaches .. even drifted into some private ones too in the evening 😉 had some surprises, but all in all, a very uneventful stay here ..

Next stop – Pune !