A cry from Mangalore.

A cry yeah, but not in agony, but in absolute sheer Joy.

This place is freaking wonderful ! Its like on the border of Kerala and Karnataka but resembles mostly of Kerala while most people talk in Kannada. He he .. Cool isn’t ??

I’ve roamed around most of the streets here from the morning and not much to do anyway. Probably after lunch will go over to the beach and hang around there for sometime ! That’s the plan(??)..

From here, the most probable next stop would be Udipi. I thought may be go over there, have a nice, calm look at Him and continue on my journey to probably Goa or somewhere else, whatever bus i get first 😉

The buggers at Dell are still making a big fuss to give the relieving letter out. I’m getting sick, even thinking about it. Ugh. Well anyway not to spoil the fun i’m having here, i’m going to choose to forget about that for another 10 days.

Learnt from Arun at Surat that Jaisalmer is way too far off to cover in this short time. So probably will take him from Surat, and will ride on his bike to Ahmedabad, Udaipur city and then trek on alone to Jaipur !!! Yeah sounds wonderful though but i’ve got absolutely no clue on how i’m going to make it to surat by Sunday.

Well, where there is a Will, there is a Way. And so i move on …