Toure de India

The long awaited India Tour is finally happening !!!

Wahoo … I’m going to start the trip from here, Bangalore. Will be leaving from here to Mangalore, hopefully and roam around like a crazy haggard with nothing to lose and nothing in mind !

The plan is to roam around without a plan šŸ˜‰

The route as of now is Bangalore->Mangalore->Pune->Bombay->Surat->Jaisalmer->Jaipur->Agra->Delhi…. The whole thing is still fragile and for all i know, i might stay in Goa for 10 days and come back but hey lets not get anymore ideas.

So for another 10 days, i’ll be completely busy. Its going to be great and i havent done something like this for a long time ! What cometh ahead, I shall face and enjoy šŸ™‚