Qualifiers ? A thing of the past …

Just got the hot news. I have cleared all three papers in my qualification exam ! I rock ! I am high with excitement now. If the world is going to collapse onto itself, please let it be now.

Good things aside, i still have a oral qualifier round to look forward to. I was told that i was a bit weak with Reactor Physics and so have 2 major Gods in nuclear department specializing in Xr physics on my committee for the oral.

Now this is going to be fun. Before even the thought of starting preparation for the oral, i am going out to party ! Woohoo …



  1. Thanks boys.

    For someone who started off with just knowing the fact that a neutron does exist and is a part of an atom, this is one huge step forward. Definitely shows that I have learnt a lot in the past one year.

    Next time you drink, pour in a shot for me 🙂

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