Nuclear or not : that is the question


Read on for a researcher’s viewpoint argument on whether or not “Nuclear Energy” is the best option around at this stage of development. This is a free ebook that covers in detail the different risks and benefits of nuclear power from a scientific perspective but simple enough to be understood by everyone. Quite frankly, i find the book written without much prejudice to either side of the argument. Some of the analysis shown is quite interesting too.

I still haven’t had time to read the whole book compbut will comment in more detail when i do. For now, here’s the quote that caught my eye and led me to the book.

If nuclear power was used to the fullest practical extent in the United States, we would need about 300 power plants of the type now in use. The waste produced each year would then be enough to kill (300 x 50 million =) over 10 billion people. I have authored over 250 scientific papers over the past 35 years presenting tens of thousands of pieces of data, but that “over 10 billion” number is the one most frequently quoted. Rarely quoted, however, are the other numbers given along with it: we produce enough chlorine gas each year to kill 400 trillion people, enough phosgene to kill 20 trillion, enough ammonia and hydrogen cyanide to kill 6 trillion with each, enough barium to kill 100 billion, and enough arsenic trioxide to kill 10 billion. All of these numbers are calculated, as for the radioactive waste, on the assumption that all of it gets into people. I hope these comparisons dissolve the fear that, in generating nuclear electricity, we are producing unprecedented quantities of toxic materials.

– If you ask me, that is a profound and insightful statement. Another thumbs up for the book ! Definitely a must read for everyone – both pro and anti nuclear folks.

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