I am not dead : Update

Good news : I earned a GPA of 4.0/4.0 this semester. Just so if you don’t realize the significance of that, its the full score goddammit. Awesome. I have worked very hard this semester and i should say that eventhough my oral qualifier didn’t go that well, it sure did help me to refresh my ideas on engineering to such an extent that i could help even people with over 10 years of experience to understand what’s what !! 

This is absolutely fantastic. I have just now finished writing a 1-D neutron diffusion code with feedback in C# which works and got the news that i got a full score. Can this day get any better ?? It doesn’t matter actually since i still have almost 20 pages of my thesis to write in 3 days. That’s 7 pages/day atleast to write and believe me, writing a thesis is the worst thing you can get your hands on. Hopefully i will finish it off before next tuesday and will go on a vacation with a clear mind !

I actually have a lot to post and have saved them in my draft but right now, there’s just lot of work to be done. Maybe, i will post them all after new year’s. I will, surely, entertain you with lots of good thought provoking posts after the new year and as a bonus, will introduce you to my site. Until then, bye folks.



  1. Thanks da.

    What’s more cool is that I did manage to finish everything i wanted to do within the deadline. Went to NY with a clear mind and had the best time of my life. Will post photos and write about it soon !

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