A black day.

It seemed like just another awfully dull day but when i get up in the morning, the first thing i hear today is that there has been a powerful earthquake near Sumatra which affected Chennai. I could not even understand how a quake at Sumatra could bring such devastation to chennai from nowhere.

The more i read now about Tsunamis, the more i understand on how terrible it must be back there now. When there is absolutely nothing to do back here for me, there are a lot of things i could be doing. Maybe this feeling comes only when you miss something so badly, so much that it is hard to put it in words.

I still can feel those days at the seaward roads in Thiruvanmiyur house. It was not far off from the impact site of today but back then, believe me, it was heaven. All the early morning baths at the sea, on the shallow side of it, the cricket matches i used to play and what not ! Now nothing more than a memory but imprints dispersed in the vast ocean …

Can’t stop getting disgusted of the selfish me, again. Amidst all this chaos, all i can think of is about my memories … You freak.


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