The beautiful irony.

All the grades are out and yeah i did better than most like i said. But huh, there is this something that is still bothering me still. What is it ? I wonder.

Then in a flash, it call falls into place. The monte carlo code for one of my courses. I got 40/150 points in that special problem which might have made a huge difference in my grades. But that was not meant to be because i couldn’t get my report right.

However trivial it does seem, the irony is that, i screwed up the only part where my previous 2 years of work would have made a difference. Coding ! All i had to do was to build an awesome code, reusable, inheritable and blah blah blah and to get it to work to get the right results. And you know what, i finally did that too 🙂 Felt wonderful ! Like as though i already managed to get a nobel prize for that !!

Then came the thunder. I had to write a neat report and discuss the results now. This program of mine, runs like a maniac and is freakin customizable beyond even MY imagination. It worked so well you know ! But to get the report right, i have to run it in non-accurate ways which my program does not support .. he he .. sounds funny doesn’t it ! But yeah thats how it works.

Anyway, this report was kind of messed up in the end because i had two consecutive night outs and was aching to drop down into that cozy layer in the sleeping bag. There couldn’t have been a worse time to do the report ! Added to all that, the age old habit of hating managerial reports came in handy to amplify these emotions, to write a not so detailed report in the end. I just happened to forget that the evaluator is a dumb moron who has no clue what my code does but only understands that from my report !

There goes my credits … Another crib to the list !


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