Exams up !

Wahoo ! The exams are over and all went well… I might not have been the brightest student in class but i did better than most πŸ™‚ Anyway, i still have to figure out a way to waste my time till the classes start again Jan 20th.

Went to a class party right after exams. Felt pretty weird at first sitting with my prof and drinkin beer but then got used to the idea later .. Was good fun. Would have definitely loved to have a sip with my mates back in India right now but alas, all i need now is some more patience. The time will come and i shall come back to feel that excitement again .. Not very far for sure πŸ˜‰

Will be going to chicago on 28th Dec and will be there till the 4th of Jan. Can’t wait to see snow at last. Heard its pretty cold out there and for a guy from Texas, it sure as hell will be freaking cold. Just remembered that i need to get my license too. Crap !

Life has become so very dreary nowadays. Nothing to do at all. Even the highway is deserted. Could play some cricket on the roads you know. If i can just get some pictures huh ! But the darn credit card companies wont give me a credit card so that i can buy a camera online … Tricky situation here about hte credit histories and stuff like that. More details later on that !

Most of my roomates are graduating this semester and i’ll be stuck with just another guy in the room. Somehow my wavelength doesnt seem to match theirs. Weird and ugh. Lets not talk about that now !

Guess i am just gonna have to crib like this, watch some junk movies, keep reading novels from library and vegetate on till 28th. hmm me checking out now to do some surfing ..



  1. hmm… dai… need more funda about this wavelength issue ….
    how and when… heard myla will be in savannah very soon..
    and …. have been wanting to go back to india and get drunk with old pals …. sigh….
    am issing those days too….

  2. dey lala,

    long time no see .. will mail you guys soon .. yeah i feel the void pretty frequently nowadays. I barely talk to anyone out here .. Hopefully wont end up as a nuke pyschopath very soon !

    will mail you in detail soon da .. if you get a chance, drop in a line on what you upto ?! myla fucker hasnt mailed anything yet. Think he shud be here by the new year but no idea whatsoever ! me in the dark as you too .. maybe navin is better informed !

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