What a month !

This month is definitely something that i might remember for a long long time to come .. I’ve got no count on the number of new things i did, i learnt, new people i met, things i created. Freaks me out trying to count them all ! Maybe i might have done much more before but what’s important here is that the element of surprise in each new thing i did was cool πŸ˜‰

What did i do ?! hmm .. I aced some of my tests, got some cool grades after slogging my butt out enough. Wrote an amazing code for Monte carlo simulation using a custom written Random number generator in C# in a week πŸ˜‰ Drank wine in enormous amounts that my room mates are scared to host me anymore … Got a new computer for 500$ from a guy here with a mondo neat configuration. (Reminds me of the home comp back in India though .. sob sob ! ) and went to austin once and had a great time at 6th street … (just drinking and listening to live music.. what else ?!)

My only crib though was that i missed the Metallica show at San antonio. Would have loved to go if only i had some good company here .. Myla ?! When you coming here da ?? Can’t wait.

The climate is sending shivers down my spine every time i come out of the house .. the never-get-up-from-a-cozy-sleep-to-attend-class syndrome is catching up on my enthusiastic brains to taste the pleasure of comfortable warm nightmareless sleep ..

Anyway my finals are starting off next week.. I’ve haven’t posted as often i would love to post here .. but now that i have a computer at home, things are bound to change .. Will see πŸ™‚


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  1. Cool.. Long time I heard so much of fun u r having in ur life. Good dude.. Expecting more of ur posts.

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