Another prejudiced anti-Nuclear article

Why nuclear power is not the answer

An excerpt from the article.

“Nuclear power is not a solution to climate change. It could only ever provide for a tiny proportion of our energy needs and this would be at great cost to the taxpayer, the environment and would pose a threat to the safety of the public. Clean technologies are available and they need the Government’s support. Tony Blair must stop talking to the nuclear lobby and speed up investment low -carbon, renewable and efficient energy technologies.”

What are those renewable energy sources which will both satisfy the rising energy needs and be economical as well as efficient ? I really would like to know. But Friends of the Earth Executive Director Tony Juniper fails to answer that.

Probably the biggest misconception on Nuclear power is that “Nuclear power has a poor safety record”. If you want to base that future safety of reactors are dictated by 2 accidents that happened more than 25 years back, then God help these people.

Maybe the Director needs to learn from how France satisfies its energy needs. More than 70% of power is produced from nuclear reactors and how many accidents have they had till now ?? Zilch. Take that for your record and stop brooding over Chernobyl and TMI already.

It is really sad that man’s prejudice overpowers logic (Well that applies to my comments too, but hey, this is my blog !).