A-bomb system can warn of tsunami

A recent article about monitoring stations that are set up to detect atomic explosions might be potentially useful to predict the path of a tsunami.

“After the quake on 26 December, all geophysical researchers were looking for signals in their data,” Roger Bowman told the BBC News website.

“One of the common ways was to make spectrographs – looking at how the spectrum of sound waves developed over time – and in this we saw the unique signal.”

The two researchers describe the unique signal found on spectrograph plots recorded by Indian Ocean hydrophones as a “chirp”.

What it means is that low-frequency vibrations are arriving before those of higher frequencies, producing a distinctive upward curving slope.

“In this frequency range – and these are very low frequencies, well below 1Hz – this is a unique signal,” said Dr Bowman.

As soon as i read the title, i had a moment, which drunkards call a “Moment of clarity”. It perfectly makes sense to make use of A-bomb detectors for monitoring seismic activity since they are more powerful than ordinary detectors and definitely would give lot more precise details as the exact location and range of the disturbance. And as always, they had to include the politics into science, making it tougher to implement. Get over it you fools. This is for a good cause.