At last, i passed’em all !

Yes, i passed all my qualifiers. I am officially a PhD candidate now !

Next, i am completely disappointed with the way i performed today. Eventhough, i am sure that my prof would have argued in favor of me, i feel disgusted with the way i stared blankly for some of the questions – some because i couldn’t remember and some because i couldn’t understand the russian accent of another prof. I definitely didn’t blurt out everything i knew and made myself look like an unprepared idiot. Overall, i did much worse than i could have possibly imagined.

Ironically i did pass and now i do not know how to feel. Am i supposed to feel bad about how i flunked this or am i supposed to feel happy that i did manage to pass.

Either way, i am out of here to get a drink.



  1. Congrats machchi …
    ow you are a Ph.D. student …
    “student” .. umm … that reminds me of many things…
    btw, check out mayila’s myln dot net
    think its interesting .. talks about fractals and all …


  2. Thanks machis.

    Moosh, me back to same ol’ self …

    Lala, me a student. But not the student that might come to your mind 😉 perhaps, myln will paint the familiar image about those higher planes !

    and yeah checked out his site. he was explaining me all about his thesis and some of his video ideas. pretty interesting ! btw, where the f*** is navin ?

  3. CONGRATULATIONS… Dr. Vijay Subramaniam….

    yeah, u r right. u should not think about ur performance now. beer is right alternative currently.


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