Toughest Week ever.

This was one hell of a ride. This week, i’ll remember for a long time to come. I’ve done so much stuff this week that it beats all the tough assignments that i’ve worked on my entire short life till now … And the best part is, I survived !

Now let us see. Starting last week, here is a list of things i did.

  • Graded 40 papers of undergraduate students, and being the first time, made sure i got this right, with enough comments, and not being too mean. And yeah, everyone was satisfied, including my prof !
  • Completed 3 homework assignments, in 624, 606 and Math 602 ! And did them well too !
  • Finished a lab report for 606 on a single night. It came out well though i found out that i failed to discuss some things that were required .. Well i guess that is just the downside of working with deprived sleep.
  • And yeah, the Research work for my proposal. The code came out quite well and i solved the equations right. The answer is still not right but working on it. Definitely a huge step forward and i am finally understanding clearly on what i am doing !
  • My home computer crashed. But the hardware guy in me ripped open the computer and fixed it ! Voila ! Now it works like a breeze …

The only weirdest part is that my back hurts badly due to the averaged out 4 hours of sleep every day. Think this might be a bit too much for the body to handle right now but my mind seems to be calm and sane enough ! hmm … Can’t wait for this day to get over. Would love to go home, cook something, probably get drunk and sleep like a maniac.

And there was my life this week in a nutshell. Adios amigo ! Will be back soon 😉



  1. hi sunni mad*** ch**. just stumbled upon ur blog.hmm.seems u enjoy ur tough life there…even i have a tough time here but i don’t enjoy it..nothing else to say..i wanna see ur freak ideas in ur blog.keep writing.

    guess me.u know me well.

  2. srini madar. Is that you ?! What are you upto ? Shoot me a mail …

    hmm if its not srini, then my guess would be Malli, Jap or Ram. If its not either of these people, then who the fu** are you ?!

  3. yeah i tried twice and luckily, i only got to the voice mailbox of some guy here in Austin. So dropped my plans to called you guys.

    Now will call ! Dont you worry my boy …

  4. sorry machi. some confusion with the phone numbers.. try this one
    +1-512-728-3500 Extn : 753-22732

    the change is 753 instead of 751

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