Fun untasted.

Is Fun “Fun” because it was never tasted before the way it was tasted now or is it “Fun” because it was tasted before exactly like it was “Fun” before ?! A toughie to answer but either way, Fun is felt different in different sense during various times with various people. And there it ends. Period !

Anyway, after class, i went out with Woddi, a real cool chap doing his PhD here and who just cleared his qualifier this time. Infact his results came out just now and he made it ! Little did i know what i was going to see when he invited me for a beer. I went along and so came 3 other professors with me to this nice place with mild music in the background.

There was my prof with whom i am doing my research with, along with another prof whose class i’m taking this semester and another prof whose class i took last sem. All 3 of them are specializing in neutronics and with whom i guess, i’ll be closely working with for the coming 3 years. Anyway, i felt this real tingly feeling of being amongst “Pro”s in the field since we started talking about research and stuff. A familiar feeling shook me. Not long from now have i talked something similar about big shoes in software industry, on how they would perceive things differently about a particular design of a code and here i was again, contemplating a conversation for which i’ve waited for a long time. And these guys i was amidst, really knew what they were talking about ! There would have been no difference in my mind today between Don Box and any of my profs, since the field of expertise is trivial and what really matters is only the relative insight and ingenuity !

Anyway, had a great time. And good luck to Woddi. My qualifier is not very far off. Still 7 more months to go and it’ll fly by before i even notice it. Haven’t really started preparing for it though but am bloody confident with the way i’ve handled things till now.

Got some good results on my research today. A good start ! Couple more things to do before i get into some serious shit. Classes haven’t got that hard yet. Some homeworks now and then hurt a little but nothing that i can’t manage.

Now the whole point of this post was to convey a connection with the big shots in nuclear field with Gods from the software industry. You can compare them only after you’ve known enough about each of them. And what can i say ; Geniuses are in every field. And they are not hard to notice ! Another important thing is that these “Geniuses” are really fanatics in their subject matter and there is nothing more entertaining to such Gods than to talk more about it anywhere.