if i were …

A month, i’d be: September
A day of the week i’d be: Friday
A time of day, i’d be: 00.00
A planet, i’d be: Mars
An animal, i’d be: a Sloth
A direction, i’d be: NEWS
A piece of furniture, i’d be: a Bed
A historical figure, i’d be: Socrates
A liquid, i’d be: Whisky
A tree, i’d be: Willow
A bird, i’d be: Eagle
A tool, i’d be: Screw
A kind of weather, i’d be: Rain
A musical instrument, i’d be: Guitar

An wild animal, i’d be: Tiger
A color, i’d be: Deep Purple
A vegetable, i’d be: a tomato
A sound, i’d be: a Scream
An element, i’d be: Fire
A car, i’d be: Ferrari FX ( Ferrari Enzo )
A song, i’d be: Serenity – Godsmack
A movie, i’d be: The Matrix
A book, i’d be: foghorn
A food, i’d be: an Ice-Cream
A place, i’d be: Outside
A material, i’d be: Cotton

A taste, i’d be: New
A scent, i’d be: Pleasant
A word, i’d be: Aspire
An object, i’d be: a Computer
A body part, i’d be: Lips
A facial expression, i’d be: Smiling
A subject in school, i’d be: Math
A cartoon character, i’d be: Dilbert
A shape, i’d be a: Sphere
A number, i’d be: 7



  1. I read this…and was wondering, did you know that its scientifically proven that more than 70% of people when asked to pick a number randomly between 1-10 pick 7!!

  2. Well thanks for the piece of trivia anon ! But i have different reasons to pick 7 …

    Maybe because it is the highest prime between 1-10 or because i really like the movie “Seven” or because i thought the life of the universe was 7 billion years or because i just fool myself with no reason and believe that this is my lucky number.

    hmm .. i dont know … Probably, i really am one of those .7 fraction of people who like and always pick 7 !

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