The ‘Emotion’, the feeling is what drives everyone, every entity alive in the grasp of nature. Everyone fails to realise the origin and the source of all this. Every animal, every entity depicts the same emotions in the exactly the same way !

Well to me it makes absolute sense because it means that there is one supreme entity, who resides inside everyone of us, all animals and all entities part of nature so that the exhibition of emotion is always on the same lines. Ignorance of this fact can dissipate the energy contained and the ambience and the mental makeup which is always trying to force the entity to spend more energy shall succeed in deteriorating the whole itself.

Every entity, if it possesses a form is always geared up in its path to reach the ‘Death’. This is the ultimate black hole from which there is absolutely no escape. The body shall corrode and will be exterminated but the residue shall always remain. What every entity should aim at is to realise the truth of the oneness of all the entities and that supreme who knows what was, what is and what will be is identical in every entity.

I keep getting images to depict and make it clear to myself, to teach myself about this truth. I see all emotions, the heat generated from it, as emerging from the ever undying flame of Rudra’s third eye. He who knows it all, he who never sleeps, he who resides as part of this wretched ignorant soul supplies the fuel for emotions. The flame as we know, has strands, each of which burn with varying intensities, each of which waver in their size which clearly depicts the variation in emotions inside every entity. It is said that calming down the mind, the entity shall be in a state of bliss. Ever wondered about this ? I have. It is because of the conservation of tapas, the energy, the fuel that he provides, stopping it from dissipation for the unconstant self. The tapas, the heat, the fire, the aspiration; Let them all bake thy thoughts and purify this ignorant soul far beyond the imaginable !