Lately, i have been reading one of the books by SatPrem titled ‘On the way to Supermanhood’ and i have kind of got obsessed with it. The idea that he proposes are too obvious yet far beyond the reach at the same time, giving all kinds of illusions to this wavering, focusless mind. The one idea that has been constantly feeding on me like a virus, is that the thought about all the vedic Yogi’s and Rsis being able to achieve what they were able to perceive in those primitive times while right now, every entity illusioned by thinking that the power of the mind can be fully exploited and that it is just near the grasp as being purely absurd.

Thinking about it, it only seems that we are in a downward trend of evolution, after kind of reaching a peak in the evolution track and now descending downhill in terms of the development of the mind. We are proud of ourselves for inventing new technology, and discovering new things, calling every one of them as a technological breakthrough, marvelling at our own magnificence, corely vegetating around materialism without realisation but fail to realise and understand that the mind has been a bigger discoverer before and is being underexploited in the present times.

I would call it as ‘Deterioration’ because it makes sense for me only to consider the mind’s adaptation over time which has not improved but only come down as compared to the vedic times. Realising that this is a down road towards the basic feels good because for me it fits the basic notion that every rise shall be followed by an equal fall.

The deterioration is inevitable but we must not forget and try to understand that every destruction leaves behind a certain amount of residue at the end of it which will be the progenitor for the next cycle. So let us think well, focus on our aspirations, and make the residue rich so that entities coming forth shall understand the ultimate underlying truth better.