Fear in the Flesh

Fear is the greatest enemy of the aspiring soul, the power which will obstruct the purification of the self from comprehending the ultimate truth.

Shun thy fear and rise up from the abyss,
Fear not anyone or anything but realise,
The ultimate truth that we bear the same identity is concealed,
Aspire to see it and it shall reveal itself.

The fear of entities in specific is baseless which can be easily overcome. This is the result of the mind not exposed to the entity and the formation of the mental barrier from seeing the identical self, the reflection. This is one of the types of fear.

The other fear is the fear of abstract things or the fear of the unknown. Thee who fears not anything shall have fear about the unknown, the abstract, the imperceptible, the incomprehensible, something which does not seem to have an answer. Overcoming this fear needs the self to push itself and make the mind understand that everything is an impersonation of the divine and that all living or dead, with form or without, bears his mark. The mental gnosis is not enough but the realisation needs to happen.

Fear of thyself is the worst among all of the fears. It is the fear of unpredictability of the self, since the mind and the heart are not in sync, the mind is eaten away by distorted thoughts, every action is not planned before, no intuition, no string of thoughts leading to calmness.

Burn thy fear, heal thyself with the help of Agni, the purifier, preserve thy heat and melt, solidify thy core. In it thee shall find the identity and until then fear shall keep haunting, the distorter. Abstain from the dissipation of the tapas aggregated over time and use it to bring out the fearless true instrument in you.