Aspiration implodes

Fear is realization of ignorance;
Relight the fire of knowledge,
Burn it with thy aspiration,
Cream it with thy inner intuition
and ye shall be free of the monster forever.

Concentrate thy senses and focus in thy mind,
Pour the emotions in an unbroken stream
Upon the path to realization of the inner self,
he who he is and he is not everywhere,

Silence burns its way,
Pay attention and give more silence as food,
The agni shall rise and enlighten the day
Feel the truth that everything happens for good.

Pray to thee who is formless and yet has the perfect form,
Adore thee who is the self and the shadow,
Aspire for thee who has always lived and yet never aged,
Surrender thyself to the ultimate, a part of thyself too.

Without Aspiration wretched is thy soul, this decaying self ;
Meditation purifies Aspiration,
Silence pours ghee and supplies vigour to meditation ;
Without Aspiration silence means nothing.