Yoga the control of the thoughts, which brings the ability to perceive the physical and mental unity, the path to realisation, is not plain as usual. It is an exercise, for the mind, to train it, to understand the intricacies and to feel one with it.

When i say, ‘like an exercise’, i mean so literally. I have realised that any exercise if practised with vigor and then discontinued for whatever reason for any short period of time shall degrade the effect and the bearer drastically. It is a sharp infinite knife over which caution is needed at every step, all through the way till the end aspiration has been reached. In essence, if yoga is practiced and the mind has been made to filter and ignore perversions, desire and other thoughts which bring morose, then beware when you even unknowingly quit it. The perversions as Mahesh puts it comes back with a vengeance and is more powerful knowing that you are weak without protection now. The mind works in subtle ways and shall fall prey to the atrocious and dark perversions which will take years to cleanse.

Mahesh goes through it now but i know not what he feels. When i cannot understand myself completely, how can i possibly judge another mind ?! The truth is blatant though but the answer seems far far away. Pressing ahead in this war against desire, hate, perversion, love and what not, I shall succeed. But when and at what cost(does it matter ?) I do not know.

The one who smears ashes on His body, hear me
Aspiration hard and burning,
The perverted crust melting,
The flow in the path beneath
I goest in thy way to reach thee ..