Joy, boundless, limitless and pure
Subtle as it is for which the heart leaps
The serene blanket falls, the mind so sure
This the only remedy, the memory which it keeps.

A call from far away, the destiny calls
So long the aspiration contained, on the brink
The heart filled with joy, rises and falls
The mind has forgotten now how to think.

All i wanted, aspired was to read
To destroy the innocence that corrodes the core
A symbol shown, ah someone did heed
Two years and more, the joy now fills my every pore.

Something stuck, from whence i do not know
Suddenly all i desired was nuclear
The smallest, imperceptible particles that do not show
All that has been haze is now clear.

Then what, the question arises
I cringe and cry in agony and grief
I have struggled long with this eternal crisis
With will strong enough, i shall proceed to its end.