Pride hurts

Time passes by, as usual, for nothing it seems to care,
Creating the life and memories in its silent ways.
This miniscule being stuck here, awaiting the next nightmare
Just vegetates in unthinkable precision for the past few days.

Why this weird lump in the throat, the passion,
The fire, the spirit, the love, the feel.
What doth all this energy, Fusion and Fission,
Mean against the chaos in the mind that kills ?

That beautiful feeling living alone once
Has created this monster that hates company.
The pride without which though it hurts
But hurts even more to live with it.

Sanity so very delicate to preserve
Amidst such vagary of doubts and fears.
What thee fear destroys all ye fights for
But fear does seem hold the sanity here.

Come out of the shell, and live free
Without limits to the mind and life.
This mind is late on its quest, for the green tree
But better late than never for my time still is alive.