Material bondage beyond water and food
That moves and drives so many minds ;
Blinded by the illusion of feeling good
Leads astray the path, from what matters the most.

Is it just me ? Or is money just worthless.
As worthful as printed, unusable paper ;
No more, no less.
How then does it yield such power beyond ?

This inconsiderate spending of gained possessions,
Without second thought, for good or for bad ;
No regrets whatsoever on lost paper
It still keeps coming back to fill the purse.

Why then does the paper miss the purse of the needy ?
What good have i done to deserve this attention ?
Cannot think of a logical answer as always but
Just seems as though the dough fills up.
When you don’t crave for it.

Am i then talking all this because i never needed it ?
I was never in shortage, or never in pain,
Without food or drink like the needy, It well might be ;
But i wouldn’t have been any different, I am sure.

Praise the lakshmi, and do not work for her.
She has a knack of finding the right time,
And the right place to fill your need.
After all, nothing remains to take back when you are dead.