The elation with a relation

There is a new mail .. But it is time for class and almost over 2 in the afternoon. My stomach is churning out weird sounds to show its hunger and anger, and is probably eating away my flesh in full glory. But here is a new mail to take the mind off from the hunger.

Still in a dilemma whether to read it right away or to go to class, i decide to see the subject alone. And like a bloom on a stormy day, it was titled ‘A good news !’ from a cousin of mine. Awesome, i thought.

Clicked the mouse and waited for the page to load. Maybe i was too tired to think and so i just stared. Along came the page with just one line of message.

My sis is now a mother and i am an uncle to twin babies i might not see for another month.

Supremo fantastico ! In the silence, amidst the chaos, despite the distance, two new relations were created ! Life brought into being. Beautiful ! Long live my twin nephews …



  1. Thanks machan ! I am happy for my sis ! Couldnt be there right when it happened but should make up for it in another few weeks ..

    Mathi, just now crossed 12 here ! So now, it is T minus 25 days and counting … Will talk to you guys over the weekend .. Right now badly screwed .. Gotta go !

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