Whatzup ?!

Last week was so close to becoming the ‘Worst week ever’ but did lose to the previous one after ending with a good note … All those tests, projects, labs, research, grading papers and homeworks are finally catching up on me.

And apart from it, American food just makes me puke. What kind of crap do they eat with all cheese and bland breads and meat. Well not like i did not taste it but after 3 continuous days of the same thing over and over again, there is nothing more you could hate than food ! Well may be i am being paranoid or it is just me but i remember never feeling that way about Gulti food back in those golden days … hmm thinking about it, i should taste some with beautiful Indian beer pretty soon .. In another 26 days to be more exact ! Less than a month ! Howzzat ?! Wahoo …Yup thatz right. I’ve got my tickets confirmed and should be hopping away to good old homeland for a month soon.. On the way, i’ve got a stop-over at Singapore. So may be i might get some great pictures there to remember and see what all the hype is about singapore 😉

And btw, my post about South padre trip is long overdue .. I even forgot what we did already but maybe the snaps might refresh my memories .. Will post them along soon ! Anyway, that’s how life is eating away my time, right now ! Enjoying it and loving it amidst this chaos … Gotta go now ! Adios amigos …