My second sem results are out. Definitely thought i would do well but never expected, you know what, ‘A perfect score’. I got a freakin 4.0/4.0 ! I dont care if you dont believe it, ‘coz the truth is that i dont believe it either 😉 But thats what my record says and i dont want to go against it !

Awesome. Only one thing left to do now … Find a reason and a company to get drunk .. but where am i ? In cbe. Shucks… No company but gotta wait till next weekend to freak out at blore !

Boys ! Here i come .. be ready to get wasted !



  1. Whoah.. Congrats!! Keep it up buddy. Come to blore soon and get drunk like anything 🙂

  2. WTF!! 4/4…. u psychopath! Way to go!

    me so sorry that i cant join u all in b’lore. got my right wrist dislocated in a bike accident and recovering in trichy. but i’ll remember that u owe me a party! njoy maadi!!

  3. Thanks boys !

    Mathi bastard. No problem ! But try your best to see if you can make it … After all, its just a broken wrist 😉

    I cant wait till next weekend. Lets see who all will be there …

    Me, Moosh, Sap, Pk, Navin, Ulti, Arun bastard, possibly srini, kuli ( if i can talk him into it ), and the rest of the chennai gang if kuli can talk them into it ! definitely a huge number …

    Mathi, if i were you, i wouldnt miss it for a broken leg .. now wait a minute. Dont i already have one ? Awesome !

  4. congrats for your achievement.continue the same. you masochist. how can u manage 4/4. you enjoy hurting yourself.don’t you ? 3.3/4.44 is the highest i could manage in all my 3 terms(rank – 99/134)..hehehehehhe.
    i will be reaching bangalore on the night of saturday or sunday morning(4th or 5th of june)..subject to the availability of thatkal tickets… it seems we are gonna have a great time looking at the number of guys who are gonna be present there for the weekend.

    had to tell some lies here to finish my project soon and make it for the weekend..hope its worth it..

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