Fun or torture ?

What am i talking about ? Well actually everything till now after leaving the US.

First, the trip lasted for a whopping 30 hours, with barely any sleep. This was after some gruelling 4 continous nightouts before the trip. Well doesnt sound like fun to me …

The stay at moosh’s place after landing at Bangalore. Well was fun meeting all the old boys after a long time .. Johnnie Walker played his tune, and soared everyone’s spirits .. Definitely more fun. But wait, at the end of the day, well night actually, just before the trip to coimbatore, the feeling was miserable. The climate was hot and humid, and i was probably running a fever but well that sole thought of seeing family drove me home and managed a ride on a shitty airplane. Almost weirdly, and masochistically fun.

Meeting the whole crowd back here .. Definitely pure joy !

The jet lag, the prize i paid, was sheer torture. The more i tried to stay awake, the lesser i did. As though the never experienced hangover of spirits tried to take a different form throughout the body and make it cringe with pain, the whole body crumbled. Ugh. I really hated this part.

A trip to Calicut on a unreserved train, standing for 2 hrs with a bad feeling in the leg and sweat engrossed t-shirt. Pathetic.

Meeting Mom. Awesome.

The function at Calicut and all the folks i met, felt good.

The aftermath, serious talks, responsibility issues, and lots more. No idea what to classify that as. Lots more to think about now and to tax this worked out brain even more.

Another pathetic return journey on Bus from Calicut. Couldn’t have screwed my back any worse !

Right now, with a serious decision to make, with a pain in the back, this is scary. I am having orgasms due to the pressure but am freaking out because of the consequences. ( This is not for you readers … Cryptic i may be, obvious it might seem, it still does not mean anything to you but just me … maybe will explain it later when i’ve made that certain decision.)

Anyway for now, can’t wait for the trip to blore. I probably want to forget about some things and re-live the old feeling ! As of always, the days shall pass, and i will wait. Adios.



  1. Let me guess. Your family wants to get you married. You r yet to decide. (Hahaha. What a sadistic pleasure.) Wait a sec. What happens when a sadist meets a masochist?

  2. lemme guess.the decision is about whether/when to take your mother with you to the US……is it right….

  3. demi, wish it were that simple. I could’ve simply said a ‘Not for another 5 yrs’ and made them quiet. But …

    Anon, when the time comes, you shall know. Dont feel like discussing this, right here, right now ! Alright tell me who you are and i’ll tell you the decision when i meet you next, over a drink 😉

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