My trip, finally !

Here i am, less than 24 hours away from a trip to India after a hard, insane and cruel week of work. Yeah the usual cribs but somehow i always knew that this thursday is going to dawn soon and so gritted my teeth and bore the brunt of the tests, labs in hope of feeling this sweetness of freedom.
Yup. I leave to India tomorrow and all my exams are over. Did pretty well in all of them except for Math. It is kind of ironic when i think about it because i always thought that i was strong in calculus, which i actually am, but invariably i manage to screw up my answers in the test. Well anyway, i still do hope for an A there. I should know the results by 20th May and no matter what, i shall be happy !
Alright amigos ! On saturday i land in India and am gonna have a blast. So if you read this, and if you know me, and if you are in India, expect to see me soon … Wish me a good journey. Me excited and out …