Back at College Station

After a gruelling 32 hour ride, I am finally back in College station. You would expect my journey would have been eventless. But ahem. ‘Worse things can happen beyond your imagination at the least expected times, to people who are least prepared.’ (My personal Murphy’s extension !) And I will detail that story of mine in the next post.

Anyway, the transformation into the psychotic, socially allergic student I used to be has already started.

I have already started to forget the taste of dosas. The taste of sandwitches, burgers and pizza linger now.

The constant company of friends has vanished. Back to the same old ‘Me, Myself and my solitude’.

The never ending sleeping schedule is gone. ‘Sleep on ration’ is about to kick in !

Research : ‘What the hell is that ?’. hmm. 10 days ago, I would have said that. But, now i’ve got to do my work. So ye reactors, prepare yourself to be dissected.

The pathetically slow dialup connection is gone. DSL : Here i come.

My body clock still does not understand ‘why the daylight shows up when i am about to go to sleep and is already gone when i wake up !’

The transformation has been slow but steady. My house is in a mess. Reminds me of the house at Coles park.

I’ve already got a huge assignment which is due next monday. Work starts and Life has become more active. And time goes on …


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