I have stumbled upon one of the most addictive and beautiful game I have ever laid my eyes on. It is beautiful because the simple laws of reflection of light have been so slickly introduced and designed into a simple, rule based game. And it is addictive because it does prove that I can still make this soft mind think and in-effect pushes me to play even more. There is nothing fancy about the game and probably that is also why it stands out. Kudos to the creator !

Here is a small screenshot of the game which has got me tied to the computer more so during my breaks.

And finally, here is the link. If you are sitting there, idly, reading my post right now, click on and play like a maniac.

My current record is Level 16. I am sure i am gonna break it soon, probably in my next break 😉 in about 2 hours. Adios.