Microsoft’s Personnel Puzzle

Saw this comment on /. recently about Microsoft’s Personnel Puzzle. Although i would’ve commented strongly against whoever wrote that, it seemed really funny at the moment !

Here it is. No offense B-Gates !

Hey hey, Microsoft’s great,
They forcefeed bullshit onto your plate.
You’ll be working for Gates, that iconic dude,
Crooked marketer through and through!

Oh oh, you better watch out,
Someone installed IE, so don’t you pout.You’ve got a job with this mega-firm,
We’re spyware enablers from stem to stern!

Hey ho, heed our call,
And then we’ll have you by the balls.
Write some shit, there’s no remorse,
So long as you attack Open Source!

Yay yah, Microsoft’s great!
Come on in, let’s have a taste,
Now’s the time, no time to wait,
Time to bend over and take it for Gates !

My Father.

I know that the topic suggests so, but I am not talking about my Dad right now. This is about Albert Einstein, whom i so very sincerely respect for his contributions to the field i am currently working on.

Can you just imagine someone without whom a whole classification of a particular science might never have come into the picture at all ? Well there are several, in different fields, who have contributed so much but IMO, no one like this guy here.

He and his theories have paved the way for the evolution of nuclear science and the theory of relativity and his work on Brownian movement were so very critical for this. The article “Five papers that shook the world” gives a brief overview of his most important papers presented on 1905 and talks more about his work in general. Very nice. But there is one point which i would refute very strongly. If Einstein had never been in the picture, then there is a chance that someone else would have come up with similar papers and results. But it would definitely not have been a very flowing theory as i might phrase. You would know what i mean if you have ever been in one of those moments when designing a software or writing code, you dont have to think separately about the design and the code but the code is itself well refactored, formatted, extensible, flexible and just flows as though the fingers know what to do. And that will happen only on a string of thought and at one moment.

Eventhough each of his discoveries do seem to be a bit wide wrt one another, the basis for each of them are the same. It is to concentrate on the power of physical intuition rather than the mathematical precisions while trying to bring out new theories. We should remember that this man was contradicting everthing that was known during 1905 in Physics by giving out bold explanations and for some of which, people had to wait 20 years to prove.

I like this excerpt from the article too !

“And just in case the enormity of Einstein’s achievement is in any doubt, we have to remember that he did all of this in his “spare time”.”

What more can i say ?! Einstein still lives. And i say that, thou shall live even if mankind hath perished and joined the dust …

A la bean !

At Chicago Downtown. Me, Rajesh and Vishali.

Chicago Downtown

The New Year Party !