Soft Love

Clear and blank, thoughts pour in one by one.
Truly alone, with me and my solitude,
Feeling so complete with joy even when nothing is yet done
I now know, see, that which troubled with certitude.

The silent bullet in the heart
Burning ever so lightly, eating away the thought
The cause, my passion for an illusion
Led me astray with vagaries and delusion.

Software, computers, one of what i Love,
Maybe for all eternity i shall crave;
This Hole, Enterprise, Organisation will not save,
The motive nurtured to the grave.

The Difference

What is the difference at the end of the day
All this and that, existing here and there
It always seems so simple but lots more to say
Wrong it might be, unknowingly breaking boundaries I do not dare.

The difference between chaos and serenity
The difference between day and night
So clear, what i am searching for in absolute vicinity
The riddle complete containing the answer is still a fight.

The clue, the sphere and circle
The ultimate shape of matter’s least resistance
End reality, the beginning illusion is the cycle
All ye extremes do meet at infinity.

What is the difference between meditation and concentration ?
Only Fire that burns holds the key; With it, Heat concentrates and without that,
Nothing burns anymore, for thee.


Past, the treasure of knowledge
And future, no different than Past in reverse
Both speak the truth, the only truth
Yet the mind ignorant does not see.

Trace the past, at each previous step
A truth unfolds, a part of the big picture
Every step back, enlarges the view
But the panorama locked behind the blackhole.

If the origin was the blackhole
Where thoughts and Light escape not
Then if the biggest view is the abyss
What shines and what does not ?

The blankness, devoid of emotions
In sync with the blackness of origins
That which creates and kills
We only see what we will.


If the eyes are closed, does the mind shut down ?
Doesn’t darkness shroud with scary silence ?
Black yet not so black, figures waiting to emerge ;
Is lack of silence, silence still ?

What does the earth hold not,
to cringe the mind forever in innocence..
Till the last breath exhaled
desperation to gain knowledge, decreases not.

The war against thy inner mind.
Who is the foe, thee know not.
In the end, the foe stays silent,
long after ye has slept forever.

Miniscule pleasure leaping with the heart,
Wouldn’t these blocks produce the august monstrosity ?
Answer eludes as always, loneliness remains,
silent in this prison, impatiently waiting for thee.

Love and Hate

Like waves, high tides lashing continually,
the feeling keeps coming back again.
There exists not words to explain them,
abstract as they are, thoughts but realized.

What thee hold not, Love covers it ;
The desire of knowledge for omniscience stays
but in vain, blinded and short sighted,
Living in this shell trapped forever.

LOVE. A definition exists, not in words ;
The mental, physical and the metaphysical union,
striking pulses through flesh and nerve
seeming thy heart can hold more than earth doth offer.

HATE. Contrasting feelings, negations balance,
all that is loved is equally hated.
Rage and chemicals soar high with reactions
failing unknowingly to see the truth beneath as always !

This realization, the fork of the mind,
origins remain the same yet split to convolute ;
Innocence adds strength to the difference,
still the tangible truth ever clear stays bright.

If being in Love is to consume the mind,
with thoughts on thy precious
how Hate differs, torturing the mind,
with emotions negated on thy precious ?

Unseen truth remains, Hate is not illusion that covers
but that does not, over the mind, like grass in a meadow.
Love fills thoughts and Hate alike,
Is there an anomaly, i see nor know not yet.


Yoga the control of the thoughts, which brings the ability to perceive the physical and mental unity, the path to realisation, is not plain as usual. It is an exercise, for the mind, to train it, to understand the intricacies and to feel one with it.

When i say, ‘like an exercise’, i mean so literally. I have realised that any exercise if practised with vigor and then discontinued for whatever reason for any short period of time shall degrade the effect and the bearer drastically. It is a sharp infinite knife over which caution is needed at every step, all through the way till the end aspiration has been reached. In essence, if yoga is practiced and the mind has been made to filter and ignore perversions, desire and other thoughts which bring morose, then beware when you even unknowingly quit it. The perversions as Mahesh puts it comes back with a vengeance and is more powerful knowing that you are weak without protection now. The mind works in subtle ways and shall fall prey to the atrocious and dark perversions which will take years to cleanse.

Mahesh goes through it now but i know not what he feels. When i cannot understand myself completely, how can i possibly judge another mind ?! The truth is blatant though but the answer seems far far away. Pressing ahead in this war against desire, hate, perversion, love and what not, I shall succeed. But when and at what cost(does it matter ?) I do not know.

The one who smears ashes on His body, hear me
Aspiration hard and burning,
The perverted crust melting,
The flow in the path beneath
I goest in thy way to reach thee ..


Bliss of silence descend down to me.
But without peace, it wreaks havoc,
Words inadequate.

Thoughts 1

All thy knowledge is the realisation of the unknown truth within.


Why this obsession again ? Question haunt ;
What has thee unlearnt to forget this ?
Where has thy knowledge vanished ?
How to test now if its real ?

The talk hums still, but unreal
The voice fragile and echoing through the body
Serene face flashes in memory
Grief overtakes on seeing the eyes this deep.

This life or the next is a mystery
Avoiding thoughts on sham
The question reflect, asking for sense
Answer eludes me and blankness shrouds now.

This innocence pains badly
What penance has this soul to undergo
To reach the bliss of seeing thee ?
Oh my beloved savior, give me the answer.

Forms are Facades …

The fear pervades, inside and outside
feeling the confusion in the mind
What questions are these
for which answers exist not ?

The feeling of oneness, in love
Could it all be sham and nothing more ?
Fear again. Fear of the defeat.
Why this flutter in the silence of the heart ?

Flesh and blood, facades that separate
Aren’t we the one and the same ?
I know thee not, the love i have now
The innocence fuels this fear.

Ye unseen who sees it all,
Tell me and show thy stature
The oneness in your spirit and body
let this love bring the one out of me.