Well finally, after a long time, my .NET blog over at Dotnetjunkies is back up with an updated version of .TEXT. Not that i would have blogged non-stop with all the work i’ve been having all this time but right now, it really does make sense for me to blog again on some programming tips and tricks.

My bright side of my research, apart from the beautiful physics behind it all, is that it involves loads of programming. And i just recently decided to shift from MATLAB to .NET to get my research going. One of the main reasons behind that decision was ‘Speed’ ! Before you start shouting at me, yes, C++ would have been a more viable option, considering that i have lots of computation involving Matrices and Vectors but my benchmarks with some basic ported code from MATLAB did prove that the speed of C#.NET is good enough for now. I do not think that once the IL is converted into native image, with all the code and compiler optimizations inserted in at the right places, there will be a great difference in performance between C++ and C#.

So coming back to my point, i have learnt lots of algorithms, tips and bumped into some great software on the way while doing my research and believe that i can start writing again on my blog. Eventhough there were butt loads of comment spam before, i guess that the new version has a control over that and would now be a better place to write my programming experience from now on.

So watch out soon for my .NET post after almost exactly a year of hiatus.